Our Misson

Promoting public awareness of earth movement risks that home owners may have but may not be aware of. Effecting changes in State laws to protect home owners. Coordinating local support groups.

Are you at risk?

Do you have hills above or below your home? Is your home near a ravine? Are sink holes common in your area? Are old coal mines near you? Have you checked with your home owners insurance carrier to see if you are covered or could get coverage?

Imagine seeing the ground under your home disappear and the city tells you that you can no longer live in your home. Then imagine the shock when you discover your home owners insurance does not cover your loss.. See how you can protect yourself and also help others in this situation.

Helping out.

  • Get involved - contact your state representatives, effect legislation in your state. 
  • Find insurance companies that offer ground movement coverage.
  • Locate local support groups in your community.



I came home from work to see my deck tilted, then I saw that my entire back yard was gone and my house that I had just purchase a few weeks earlier, was now perched on a dirt cliff. The fire department came and told me I had to leave immediately!



- First time home owner

“There was a knock at my door at 8:00 pm, it was the local fire chief, he said my home was in danger of sliding down a hill and we had 10 minutes to grab what we could and evacuate."


- Home owner

This could have been your home!


Operation On


Stable Ground

Most homes are not insured for this!